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Strategic Business Planning

The previous sections have focused on the power that comes from getting to the core of internal challenges, and then applying focused leverage to them. The same dynamic also works for external factors. Even the most senior executives tend to get trapped by the tendency to focus on what is urgent rather than on what is important. When we are put under pressure, we naturally tend to become reactive to short term needs, rather than proactively focusing on the strategic keys to achieving our long term goals.

This is hard enough to do in areas of business where we are already expert, and know the key factors to focus on. For areas where we are still learning, it is drastically harder. Without a detailed map of the territory, how are we to find the shortest path to success? Most startups fail because they don't focus their investments on the 3-5 critical areas that will make or break their business.

As some friends in my mastermind group pointed out, "Brian, business for you is like water for a fish." With Core Coaching, I draw on my years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and executive to help other business people find and focus on the 10% that will get them 90% of their success. In doing so, I draw on the skills that have also produced exceptional satisfaction in each of the clients of Whetten Consulting Group, such as Barclays Capital and College Loan Corporation.

This strategic planning will help make you more successful. Core Coaching also works to make your life more fulfilled, by aligning you with your Life Meaning.


“Brian succeeded where other subject matter experts failed by communicating effectively across all levels of our organization and applying his vast experience and penetrating insight. I would not hesitate to bring Whetten Consulting Group in again to solve our most complex and business-critical technical challenges.”

–Matt Cirino, Director Fixed Income Technology, Barclays Capital